About Us

Our goal at Intimo Secret is to help fulfill all of your sexual desires! We want to encourage our customers to explore their bodies and become closer with their partners using our wide variety of high-quality sex toys. In an industry that’s not always so reliable, we aspire to inspire trust amongst our customers and stand by our promises to ensure the best buying experience! We know that shopping for lucrative items can sometimes feel awkward or taboo. But here at Intimo Secret, we seek to break this stigma. You should feel comfortable about trying new toys and experimenting. We want you to get excited about spicing up your sex life and growing your toy collection. Intimo Secret was created with the idea of being an innovative accomodating forefront in the sex toy industry. So start browsing! There’s something for everyone to enjoy!
Please don't hesitate to contact us at contactus@intimosecret.com for any concerns you may have.